New user of the toolbox? Interested in new functions? Haven't used the toolbox for long time? Just lookup how to do something with the toolbox?

This set of short, ready-to-go tutorials provides you with both: a first idea of the functions as well as the more general work with the toolbox and especially its GUI.

Besides the answers to frequently asked questions probably the best place to get fast and practical help for the toolbox and its GUI.


Please note: For the time being, what follows is (mostly) just a list of planned topics, rather a nice-to-have… In the long run one could even think of providing screencasts for each of these topics.

Before you start using the toolbox:

First steps with the GUI:

  • Loading data (from different sources)
  • Display datasets
    • The dataset as “basic unit” of toolbox and GUI
    • Introducing display modes etcetera
    • Introducing sliders
    • Measuring points and distances
  • Saving, removing, duplicating datasets

Processing of data:

  • Combining datasets consisting of several time profiles (incl. scaling)
  • Getting information about a given dataset
  • Accumulating several datasets together
  • Averaging in one dimension
  • Analysing magnetic field effects (MFE)

Advanced tasks:

  • Export of data for special needs (e.g., further analysis with glotaran)
  • Export of the current display as different graphics formats

Tasks internal to the toolbox:

  • Configuration

For “power” users:

Other things:

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