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This is an overview of my (programming) projects that started in the last couple of years, partly related to my work, partly of private interest.

The aims and programming languages used are similary diverse as the reasons these projects started.

  • Webcasts
    Tiny Webcasts for Lecture|r|s
  • Python
    Packages mainly for data analysis, written using the Python programming language
    toolboxes and functions mainly for data processing, using the commercial available software package Matlab®
  • LaTeX
    packages and classes for the type setting system
  • PHP
    moduls and more for websites (see as well below: “dokuwiki”)
  • DokuWiki
    plugins and more

The state of the different projects is very different, most of them started out simply as private projects, some of them have proven to be useful for others as well, and with that there was the need for documentation and more.

Details will follow soon, currently they are only available on the German part of the page.

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