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Random Rants

Random Rants About (Nearly) Everything

A series of webcasts to different topics – intended as short thought-provoking impulse to make you think about the topic by yourself.

This webcast is opinionated

Everything presented here is my personal opinion.
Usually I will not provide answers but raise questions.

I will not usually apologise for anything I say. While I think twice
before talking, take everything presented here with a grain of salt.

This webcast is clearly opinionated
and not a comprehensive discussion of the topic at hand.

If you feel offended, be reensured that this was not my intent.

If I made you think about the topic, even if you strongly disagree,
I would see this as “mission accomplished”.

Language: Most of the webcasts will be produced in English, but some topics will surely be presented in German as well.

Technique: The webcasts are produced using Tiny Webcasts for Lecture(r)s.


# Video Slides Topic
000 MP4 PDF Introduction
001 MP4 PDF Fundamental Rights (Not Only) in Times of a Pandemic
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