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Tiny Webcasts

Tiny Webcasts for Lecture|r|s

Are you a lecturer and interested in not only providing your presentation slides online, but an audio recording as well? Would you like to have small file sizes, let’s say 20–30 MB per hour recorded webcast? Would you be willing to accept a few restrictions, such as no mouse pointer and no HD audio quality? Than we might have something for you.

License GPLv3
Programming language bash, docker


  • Webcasts: slide shows with audio recording
  • Small file size: approx. 20–30 MB per hour (50–70 kbit/s)
  • Tool chain consisting exclusively of open source programs
  • Slides separated from audio: perfect for fixing typos, changing slide layout and alike
  • Open source, free of charge

In a nutshell

To create webcasts, there is only a few simple steps:

  • Create your presentation (slide show) and convert it into PDF format
  • Record the audio for your presentation
  • Cut the audio trace in pieces, one file per slide
  • Use “Tiny Webcasts” tools to create the actual webcast
  • Upload and share your final webcast


A series of webcasts presenting “Tiny Webcasts”

Slides in PDF format

Slides in PDF format

A note for users of the Safari webbrowser: This webbrowser seems to not play these videos, and obviously it is a feature, not a bug. If you encounter problems playing the webcasts, I highly recommend using an alternative webbrowser such as Mozilla Firefox.

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