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Gradually here will grow the documentation for the toolbox and its functions.


A series of short hands-on tutorials that give you both a first overview of the functions as well as an idea of how work with the toolbox and especially its GUI would be like.

Besides the answers to frequently asked questions probably the best place to get fast and practical help for the toolbox and its GUI.

To the howtos


Installation is fairly simple, and has become even simpler lately with the new TAinstall function. Details can be found in the respective Howto.

A note to updaters: If you unpack the new version of the toolbox in the same directory as an existing one, it is wise to call once TAinstall as well to get the configuration files updated. This will not delete your configuration settings, but rather preserving them. For more details, see the information about the configuration.


Note: Currenty, configuration only exists for the GUI.

For the GUI, there is now the beginning of a configurability.


Goal: List of tasks the toolbox was/is designed for to perform, including a detailled description of each task.


In contrast to the tasks (see above), the functions are the actual MATLAB® routines.

A list of functions documented so far:



Central element of the TA toolbox is its Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Toolbox data format

All datasets are stored and processed within the toolbox in a unified format.

Specification of the toolbox data format

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