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trEPR Toolbox

A MATLAB™ toolbox for preprocessing, display, analysis, and postprocessing of transient EPR data.

License GNU LGPL v3
Programming language MATLAB®
Status production/stable
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.7395548

Features: Completely GUI based. All functions can be accessed via a convenient graphical user interface. But don't worry: All these functions are still available at the Matlab™ command line. More features

Just a first impression of what the whole thing looks like…

Got interested? Want to see more? Take a look at the GUI and it's subwindows.


A rather incomprehensive list…

  • Completely GUI based
  • All functions accessible via CLI
  • Modular design
  • Load diverse data formats1)
  • Display modes: 2D and 1D (x, y)
  • Highly configurable display options
  • Preprocessing (combine, accumulate)
  • Measuring points and distances
  • Averaging (with error bars)
  • Info GUI for datasets2)
  • Integrated help
  • Exporting data
  • Exporting display3)
  • Freq. drift and net polarisation analysis
  • New: integrated command line
  • >100 Bugs (mostly unidentified)


Apologies, currently there is no stable release available. See the development page for more details.

If you're still interested in downloading: ZIP archive of the current developer's version. Please note: You've been warned that it will contain many bugs.

Latest development release: v.0.3.64 (2017-05-21).

Please note: Run the installer after you updated to a new version to update your configuration. You will not loose your personal settings.

System requirements

  • Matlab 2012a (7.14) or newer (only tested with 2012a and newer)
  • Minimum screen dimensions of 1280×800 px

<note important>Please note: Currently, using Matlab 2014b is still discouraged, due to MathWorks having changed completely the graphics subsystem. The situation is currently improving, but there are most probably still bugs and some failing features.</note>


The toolbox is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This ensures both, free availability in source-code form and compatibility with the (closed-source and commercial) Matlab® environment.

More information

You might as well be interested in the following:

  • Documentation
    Howtos, installing and configuring the toolbox, introduction to the different GUI windows.

Please note: Whereas the complete toolbox and GUI are labeled and documented in English, most of the documentation and background information is currently available only in German. This will (hopefully) change in the future, with advent of a complete bilingual documentation.

Due to its modular design, you can easily add own importer routines for your specific file formats.
The toolbox data format is designed to store all necessary information about a measurement.
Freely configurable output formats for different paper sizes and purposes.
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