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Reproducible Research

Ideas and tools for ensuring and implementing reproducibility in science

License CC BY-NC-SA

Reproducibility is the core of science and the scientific method. Unfortunately, too often it is not taken serious. Sometimes there is a lack of awareness, but more often it is due to a lack of ideas how to to meet the requirements.

The website introduces the topic, provides an overview of aspects of reproducibility, presents concepts how reproducibility in the everyday work in research could be implemented in general, and finally provides a series of tools helping scientists to cope with the requirement put forward by the scientific method.

See also

ASpecD – Analysis of Spectroscopic Data

A Python framework for reproducible data processing and analysis, focussing on spectroscopy.

LabInform – Laboratory Information System

Infrastructure for reproducible research: electronic lab notebook (ELN), central data storage, knowledge base, unique identifiers, …

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